Aidan's Room

Hello and welcome to my room...

I'm enjoying setting up my room, placing the pieces 1 character at a time...

Writing my html in the terminal makes me slow down. I keep trying to zip around, use shortcuts, copy any paste, but this is a space that is somewhat alien to me. I feel accutely aware of every key I press. I must wait while the cursor navigates and scrolls through lines. This feels like a sensory deprivation chamber.

I don't yet know what I want to fill this room with. I don't think I want any images here. Just text and things drawn with css. I'll put a doorway at the bottom of this page that will take you back to the club homepage.

Thank you Eric for building this very cool space. :-)


The other day I learned of an interesting, obscure word: ruelle.
It means: "the space between bed and wall".


Hello from the new year...

Suppose I'll share another word I learned recently: awen.
It is a word from celtic languages that means "inspiration". Usually this is spiritual or poetic inspiration. Sometimes, it is represented by a symbol of three lines emanating out and downward from a point like this: /|\.